I’m Jenny. I live in Brighton. I like gin and food and cocktails and adventures and baking and books.

If you like the things I say, follow me on @jennifermclaren (warning: I’m not above swearing and I love awful TV) and if you like the things you see then follow me on Instagram.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jenny, I found your blog via the Palumbos on twitter. Very nice!

    I manage a secret little bar in Brighton that I think you might appreciate for the gin alone. In addition I’m also launching Brighton’s first aromatic cocktail bitters called ‘Regency Bitters’ (find it on Facebook). Feel free to come on by any evening and check us out.

    Bar Fiftyfive at Hotel Una,
    55 Regency Square

    Hope to see you there,

    Regards, Ben – Hotel Manager


    • Hi Ben

      I love gin and cocktails (don’t know if that was obvious) so I’ll head down this weekend to check you out (added bonus that you’re just down the road from me!)

      I heard about your Regency Bitters through the Palumbos – are they stocked in your bar? Or are you still in the testing stage?



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